4 Superyacht Support Stations

  • Atlantic network of experienced yacht agents
  • 24 hours duty in all ports
  • High Quality Services Provider
  • Pleasant and stress-free call
  • Full Crew Attendance
  • Selected premium suppliers

Devoted to excellence, combining traditional agency services with a vast knowledge of the premium market and a passion for our regions’ unique features, positioning us as the Superyachts’ prime reference in the Mid-Atlantic. With a customized service approach, exceeding customer expectations is our main goal.

You will no longer have to search for “marinas near me”, Atlantys will help you with that. We offer fully integrated solutions for every yacht needs such as planning of cruising itineraries, handling of multiple port calls, delivery of top-quality provisions and supplies, high quality concierge services.

Our Teams will provide you the best and exclusive solutions to your requirements, no matter if it is a sailing or motor yacht, we are ready to give you a truly remarkable experience in the Mid-Atlantic: Mainland Portugal, Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde.

Our clients testimonials

At Atlantys Superyacht Services, our full commitment leads us to a closer relationship with our clients, leading to unique experiences we would love to share:

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